From Handoff to Handshake

The handoff process between designers and developers will always be an important topic of discussion in the UX world. Given the difference between methodologies and ideologies, there is often miscommunication and misunderstanding. However, with careful thought and effort, this process can be done well to the satisfaction of all involved. Let’s explore how.



First, focus on consistency and standards. Don’t surprise your developers with new buttons and banners every time you send something over. Rather, ensure quality and consistency across your product by keeping to your brand standards and design systems.



Second, I believe every designer should have an understanding of the work developers do. This will significantly improve communication and collaboration. Being knowledgeable about the time commitment, difficulty, and feasibility of your designs will save you time, money, and headaches.


Open Learning

Third, do your best to solicit feedback from the developers. What ideas do they have? Make it clear that you are open to their input and you want them to speak up if they have suggestions. Be genuinely curious and respectful about learning from them, and in turn they may be inspired to do the same.



Lastly, recognize that the true superpower of engineers is efficiency and learn how to complement that. Designers can take a page from their book and consider ways to balance creativity and productivity. Before beginning a project, designers can carefully consider the best ways to accomplish their goals and ensure they’re in-synch with their friends on the other side.


Improving the handoff process between designers and developers may take time, but it’s a worthwhile investment. It makes a difference to make an effort to collaborate and communicate with your engineering team members. Try some of these tips today, and be on the lookout for better code, conversations, and creations!


Image Source: Rawpixel on Unsplash