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WebDOTPage is an online monthly magazine offering design techniques, strategies and inspiration for those who love the web.

Our section Awesome.Web.Page features the best and brightest sites from around the web. Sites are nominated by our community and curated by our editorial staff. To Nominate a Site please visit our Nomination Page.

Our section Make.Web.Page offers information and advice on how to approach web design. Our writers focus on best practices in UI/UX, user research, brand building, visual design, user testing, development strategies, and techniques. We accept questions from our user community to fuel topics in this section. To Ask a Question please visit our Question Page.

Web DOTPage is a collaboration between a group of designers and developers who have been around to watch the state of the web evolve over the past 20+ years. Our ideas and perspective come from years of experience working with the ever-changing environment online. Despite technical differences in screen size, device types, and requirements, the overall approach to good design remains largely the same. We desire to pass on our expertise to the next generation of designers looking to make their mark in the world of digital product design.

Our Contributors

  • Khaiersta English
    Founder Web.page, Content Writer & Researcher. Creative Director at Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC

  • Eric Baldoni
    Content Writer & Researcher, Senior UI Developer at Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC

  • Sara Hamidi
    Content Writer & Researcher, Student at University of Washington

  • Amy King
    Content Writer & Researcher

Our Past Contributors

  • Andy Fitzgerald
    User Research Specialist, Past Contributor

  • Rachel Anderson
    UI/UX Designer, Past Contributor

  • Shelby Anderson
    Content Writer & Researcher, Past Contributor

  • Sandhya Iyer
    Content Writer & Researcher, Past Contributor

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