What Kind of Designer Are You? Online Quiz

Designers across disciplines are different – from colorful to creative, modern to minimalist, there’s a different type everywhere you look. Have you ever wondered what kind you are? Well, now you don’t have to wonder. You can know for certain! Enter the quick and quirky ‘What Kind of Designer Are You’ online quiz. There are just a few questions, but you will have endless fun with this tool. Take it yourself, share it with your friend, and compare your answers to your team members. I hope you’re the kind of designer who will take this quiz! Yes, I want to take it now! 


Image Credit: Personal screenshot from https://www.whatkindofdesigner.com 

Flow Charts from Cogle

Coggle is an online tool used to create Mind Maps. Their gallery offers inspiration and strategies to capture large collections of information. Creators of these Mind Maps have given permission to have them made public.

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Design on Live Web Pages

Mod Dot is a browser extension, which will allow developers to make changes to a live website in DevTools, and share a link with stakeholders. The extension will track changes, allow code diffs and commentary all tracked in one central location. This plugin could very well alter the web design workflow for remote teams.

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Realtime Board Mind Maps

RealTime Board is a great way to collaborate with team members remotely with a shared work environment. Create workflows, idea maps, navigation structures or mind maps easily and quickly. You don’t have to be a designer to have your mind map look amazing. And, with one central location, team members will always have the latest version.

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