’s 404 Page

One would expect a brilliant 404 page from This cute creature floating in a sea responds to mouse movements and fits the bill.

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Pixar’s 404 Page

Pixar’s 404 page is fun, and catchy. Creative 404 pages are a great way to redirect the user experience from something negative, to something positive.

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GitHub’s 404 Page

When GitHub goes down it can be a real problem. But this 404 page with a simple Star Wars parody with parallax effect when you move your mouse, can make you feel better about it.

Check it out.

Global Giving Gift Card Purchase & Redemption

If you’re wondering what to get that special someone this holiday season, you may consider a break from tradition. Gift cards to the mall, electronics store etc. so old, so tired. Why not give the gift of giving? With, that is completely possible, and so easy! Purchase cards for as little as $10/card, and the recipient of your gift can come online to select a charity of his/her choice to give the money to. This is a great idea for client gifts, employee gifts or just for people around the family tree. Global Giving is a crowdfunding platform that raises money for nonprofits, environmental organizations, social change organizations and other disadvantaged groups worldwide.

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