Infinite Plasma Fractal Visualization

The diamond-square algorithm is a method for generating heightmaps for computer graphics. It is a slightly better algorithm than the three-dimensional implementation of the midpoint displacement algorithm which produces two-dimensional landscapes. It is also known as the random midpoint displacement fractal, the cloud fractal or the plasma fractal, because of the plasma effect produced when applied. Jason Davies created this Infinite Plasma Fractal using the diamond-square algorithm.

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Jason Davies Word Cloud Generator

It is undeniably fun to mess with word cloud generators, especially ones that will run in a browser and export an SVG. Jason Davies offers several settings in his Word Cloud utility, which make it super fun to use.

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YouTube’s ‘Up Next’ Feature

YouTube’s related content feature uses the power of Google Search and Analytics to determine what content you might like to watch next based on your viewing history. This feature was nominated by a 10-year-old in our viewing community, so you know it works, especially for younger views. Instant gratification and hours of entertainment. What’s not to love?