Gallery Product Tags in Houzz

If you’ve ever remodeled part of your home, you’re probably familiar with Houzz’s inspirational library of interior design photos. Most of the work is posted by professional architects and interior designers, but for DIYers or other designers, Houzz’s product tag feature is very helpful. Simply tap or mouse over one of the floating product tags, and you’ll be linked directly to product information. This direct connection between inspirational browsing, and purchasing is a good example of offering value while boosting sales.

Check it out.

The Norweigan Rain Full Screen Slider

It’s one thing to talk about your product’s selling features. It’s another thing to show it. The full-screen homepage slider from Norweigan Rain does a good job of mixing close-up photography demonstrating product features, with lifestyle images showing it in use.

The Redesigned Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning has always had beautiful jewelry. With the redesign of her website, you can really see it. The site is dominated by large, clear, clean images of her products. The detail view offers even more visual delight with further detail, and ability to edit settings such as metal and stone selection. When the product is all about looks, a website that can get out of the way, and let the product shine, is a beautiful thing.

  • The Related Products Feature on Amazon

    If you’ve ever tried to navigate the mess, that can be Amazon Search, you’ll appreciate the related products feature, which does an excellent job in helping users pick out products other users have viewed or purchased. Nuances such as style, manufacturing material, quality level etc. come forward in related products much more easily than through search. To find it, scroll down in any product view and click: related.

    The #AnthroStyle Community Shopping Experience

    Anthropologie is helping users tap into a larger shopping community with their #AnthroStyle section. Images from their lookbook, and end users tags show together in a gallery view. Shoppers can view images, and shop looks they find inspiring. For users looking for ideas, without a real sense of focus, this feature is amazing. It helps to show outfits in context with different looks, and on real bodies.

    Check it out.