logo Streamlines Login/Registration Experience

The best changes to UX are those that satisfy needs you don’t even realize you have. Nearly every site you visit to purchase a product or read a few articles requires you to login to or create an account. But most login and registration experiences are over-complicated, with multiple options and the sign in versus sign up buttons in different spots.

But, an online furniture and decor retailer, has figured out a way to streamline the login and registration process:

1) When the user first views the site, a pop-up appears, with just one box for both login and registration:

Screenshot of site with login pop-up

2) If the user already has an account, once they type in their email, it goes straight to password entry:

Returning User Login

3) If the user needs to create an account, the system brings up other fields:

Registration for returning user

How easy is that? The user doesn’t have to manually choose to login or register — the system does this automatically. These changes are subtle, but make the process so much easier for the consumer. This kind of forethought and customer-centric approach enormously improves UX.