The Benefits of Reflection

As a designer with 20+ years of experience handling client projects, I can say with certainty that the creation of brand assets, campaigns, taglines and visual designs all benefit from time for reflection. Time to step away from the work you’re considering has a way of changing its shape. Things can look different after only a few hours. It is not the asset, which changes of course, but your perspective.

When arranging creative timelines for clients, it is critical to include, time for reflection. Allow a week around the delivery of each set of assets. For example, if you are creating a logo and brand identity system allow a week to review black-only logos before you even start looking at color.

This review time should be included in addition to any creative time you need to create the assets and consider your own work. The shift in perspective you can get from stepping away from your creative work is part of the value you bring as a designer. Not everyone can see things from your creative mindset, and that skill is something to leverage.

The next time you’re working on a creative project and a client pushes you on the timeline, protect your reflection time. Your creative product will come out more fully-formed and will offer your client a better return on his/her investment.

Until next time.

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