Why Design Mentorship Matters

Recently I’ve been reading a book about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. And while I am impressed with his fascinating character and personality, what has resonated with me the most are the incredible opportunities and mentorship he received. This got me thinking about how powerful mentorship truly is. But, why? Because mentorship feeds the heart, soul, and mind.

Mentoring feeds the heart because you feel connected – you feel as though there is someone who can help and encourage you; someone who is cheering you on. That fills and uplifts the heart. All young designers need this kind of encouragement.

Mentorship feeds the soul because you feel empowered – that what you are doing is important and meaningful, that your work matters and your mission to create beautiful solutions may actually make the world a better place. This is a powerful feeling.

Mentorship feeds the mind because mentors can teach you, instruct you, help you grow your skillset and improve your work. Mentors bring experience which can water and feed the young minds of passionate designers Рan important task indeed.

Are you a young designer? Seek out a mentor. Are you an experienced designer? Find someone to mentor. This relationship is important for all designers and will result in a more connected, collaborative, and beautiful design landscape. I’m here for it.